We are pleased to introduce Double Glass, the new collection of refillable packaging in Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries’ catalog!


Once the product is finished, the packaging can be reused up to 25 times. The consumer can easily disassemble and reassemble the packaging in order to insert a new glass ampoule with your beauty formulas. This will also allow an easy recycle of the different components at the end of the packaging’s life cycle.

Elegance & sophistication

Ethical luxury: made of glass and with PP and PETG accessories, Double Glass is the perfect balance of sophisticated design and refillable innovation, the ideal solution for prestigious skincare and makeup products in 15 or 30 ml size.

The glass ampoule with its rounded design makes Double Glass a unique packaging that differs from all other refillable products in our Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries’ catalogue.

The double wall structure in glass allows us to enhance your beauty product to the maximum: we can either play with different decorations’ techniques, or choose to highlight the formula thanks to the transparency and shine of this material.

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