Packaging is the very first contact point with the product. This is why its sensory aspect is a very important one: all the senses participate in creating a product’s experience and contribute in shaping its identity.

We at Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries dedicate a lot of time and attention in choosing the right materials and decoration techniques to enhance your packaging.


Decoration is a crucial part of packaging design, and our specialists’ experience in this field allows us to achieve a wonderful tactile outcome.

Next to more traditional decorating techniques, we are able to create unique and exclusive decorations as a result of our ongoing investment in research and innovation.

On our Beauty Powder packaging, for example, we applied a gray matte varnishing decorated with a white spray effect which resembles the cleansing powder contained in the packaging. The true wow effect, though, comes from the secondary packaging which is made of textured chalk-like paper and opens like a flower revealing a metallic interior matching the metallic screen printing of the primary packaging.


Packaging customization is our bread and butter.

Attention to detail and an accurate selection of materials are our hallmarks for creating packaging that attracts the consumers’ eye and then wins over their other senses too.

In this case, primary and secondary packaging are visually linked through their customizations whose aim is to both speak to each other and connect back to the formula. The result is a 360-degree tactile experience for your consumers.

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