About us

Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries is an international company, born in Italy, specialized in primary and secondary packaging development and production for the fragrance, skincare, color cosmetic and home fragrance markets.

The product catalog has an extensive range of articles designed by our creative team to satisfy any kind of request which we can receive from the market each and every day.

Driven by industrialization and design, our identity also places us as the ideal partner for the development of custom projects.

Our global knowledge of packaging production and decoration technologies makes us one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in our sector.

Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries’s main objective is to support customers from the initial concept creation until the final launch of the product on the market. All this ensuring the highest standards of quality and the best customer care.

Through our significant investment in R&D and production units, we follow the objective of consolidating our position in the market. We consider what we are building, year after year, as a starting point, not an end!

Professionalism, friendliness and flexibility allowed us to become one of the leading beauty packaging companies and today we can count among our customers the most important brands in both the domestic and international arenas.

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