We are excited to introduce a great innovation in our Infusion Fragrance collection: our iconic Infusion 100 ml FEA 15 bottle becomes refillable! Responding to an increasing demand for refillable packaging in the fragrance market, we designed a new version of this bottle with a screw neck, which allows the consumer, in combination with the refill set, to refill it once the packaging is empty.


Our refill set for Infusion 100 ml Refill includes the Refill Twist Cap in combination with our Neville glass bottle. This cap has an automatic shut-off valve which stops the dispensing of the fragrance when Infusion packaging is full.

Infusion 100 ml Refill is also synonymous with sustainability: the screw neck allows to immediately separate the glass bottle from its accessories, helping the final consumer in the recycling process.


Our beloved Infusion Fragrance collection is now presented in a new guise.The decorative capabilities of our team allowed us to enhance its potential much more: it is presented in a semi-transparent purple varnishing, and personalized by a tone-on-tone screen printing enriched with glossy gold hot stamping. The metallic wood capsule echoes the gold details of the customization highlighting the natural texture of the wood thanks to the highly reflective metallic effect.

Infusion collection has been designed to enhance the fragrances of high-end perfumery and home fragrance in the name of sustainability and personalization.

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