The Pantone we selected this month is Cool Gray 10 C, a neutral and trendy shade of dark gray. The name we have chosen for this color is Urban Tone, for its contemporary and urban character. The Urban Tone color is the result of the mixture of black and white, generating a sense of tranquility and protection. In the field of design, it is used to createelegant atmospheresthat stimulate reflection and meditation. Urban Tone is perfect for Scandinavian interiors but is also suitable for an industrial, modern or contemporary style.


Urban Tone, combined with the right packaging and decorations, will help the brand to convey its values and make its product more recognizable. Depending on the accessory chosen, the product will acquire a different tone of voice, responding to the needs of the customer. In our case, we have combined the color with the Virage 100 ml FEA 15glass bottle, an apparently simple shape that is made contemporary and charged with strength through the use of Urban Tone.

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