With jars and bottles in so many capacities (from 15 to 400 ml), Heavy is a must-have in the Premi Beauty Industries’ catalogue, the ideal collection for a truly complete skincare and makeup line, from eye contour or lip scrub to body and hair treatments.

Heavy is a collection made ofglass jars and both glass and plastic bottles. While the 200, 250 and 400 ml HDPE bottles are available in BIOBASED HDPE or PCR-HDPE on request, the glass packaging is all made of high quality material.


Heavy glass bottles and jars feature athick bottom giving them an important size impression, while the sleek andiconic design makes them the best choice for any kind of product.
The versatility of this collection lies in the infinite possibilities of glass decoration and the variety of possible combinations: Heavy jars and bottles can be combined with many different caps, screw caps, cream pumps, spray pumps, droppers, dispenser pumps and disc top caps of our catalogue, depending on your needs.


In this picture, we decided to combine Heavy with our Snow pumps, for a full-body effect, and the Girotondo caps and dropper, all in shiny pink master. Jars and bottles have been decorated with a matt semi-transparent orange varnishing and awhite screen printing to match the dropper teats and the pump actuators for a cotton candy look.

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