This week we want to focus on some of our spray pumps with the 24/410neck: the Maky 35 spray pump, the Ice spray pump and the Mini trigger. These pumps are all made in PP and combined with bottles with over 200 ml capacity, they can have multiple purposes: use them for your lines of body sprays, hair treatments, room sprays, fabric sprays and sanitizers.

All the spray pumps and their covers are available in different colors, both standard and custom according to your preferences.


Premi Beauty Industries’ 24/410 spray pumps can be matched with both glass and plastic bottles but in this case we paired them with our PCR-PET bottles. All the bottles have been decorated with white screen printing combined with the accessories.

PCR-PET is a plastic obtained from the packaging that has been used by consumers, properly disposed of, recycled, re-treated and put back on the market. The result is a new material composed in part of recycled material that can be recycled again.

The PCR % within the material can vary and, depending on whether it is higher or lower, the packaging will only have a slight difference in color. You can choose from 10% to 100% of PCR, helping to further reduce the emission of CO2.

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