Dense and energetic,Pumpkin is a velvety and elegant shade created by combining very different hues: calm pink, bright orange and a hint of brown. This is a warm shade which ignites creativity and determination, a trendy color ideal for collections related to the green and natural world.
Pumpkin can really be used for all product categories depending on the “tone of voice” you want to give to your collection or palette.


This color combined with a glass packaging definitely reflects elegance and warmth. Here, at Premi Beauty Industries, we loved matching Pumpkin with our Infusion 100 ml glass bottle. It’s an ancient color that brings us back to natural materials such as wood but, at the same time, Pumpkin is lovely enhanced by fine and elegant materials such as glass and gold hot stamping. It is well suited as a chromatic base to enhance more intense and decisive colors, such as the range of blues or greens.

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