We are proud to introduce Manhattan, our mascara packaging collection consisting of a 10-ml bottle made of aluminum-coated PP and several matching applicators. For this packaging, we created two different customizations through the use of anodizing and silk-screen printing techniques, which together create an animal zebra effect.

Manhattan is the ideal packaging for high-end mascaras and eyelash primers. The aluminum-coated bottle lends itself to a variety of decoration techniques: anodizing, spray painting, screen printing, and hot stamping. You can also add ballast to the capsule to increase the perceived value of the product and make the tactile experience even more luxurious.

Four injected applicators are available for Manhattan, each different in design and performance, just to meet everyone’s needs:

The linear, conical shape of this brush makes it easy to apply the product, and its stiffness curves the lashes from roots to tips, which are defined and well lengthened.

This applicator perfectly follows the shape of the eye. Its concave design promises to volumize and curl lashes while its rounded ends define them.

Theinnovative asymmetrical design of this applicator provides an all-in-one makeup effect for volume, definition and extra length at the same time. The applicator’s slightly sharpened tip helps define lashes, volumizing and lengthening even the shortest inner lashes.

This asymmetric brush features A concave side and a cylindrical side. The concave side volumizes and curves the lashes, while the cylindrical one defines them.

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