Here is the perfect packaging combo for refilling beauty products with foaming formulas while respecting the environment and reducing waste.


💜 Foamy is a glass foamer that can be reused and refilled in just a few steps thanks to its large neck. The Foamy pump ensures the pack can be refilled up to 25 times, after that the Foamy components can be separated and recycled by material.

💜 Sashi is a flexible, mono-material refill packaging, it’s ideal for easily refilling our Foamy glass bottle. Made entirely of easily recyclable PE, Sashi’s lightweight and compact design helps reduce transportation volume, shipping costs, and CO2 emissions. Last but not least, choosing this packaging will save you money in packaging production, distribution, and storage.

Both of them, being highly customizable packaging will make your skincare product stand out from the competition. Foamy can be decorated in many ways due to its glass construction, and Sashi’s large printing surface allows you to indulge in glossy, matte, or paper touch varnishing.

Thanks to the wide range of decoration possible, you can combine Sashi with our Foamy to make a truly sustainable kit for the skincare routine with a perfect family feeling!