makeup in glass

Our Makeup in Glass mascara collection consists of the Vip 5 and 10 ml bottles with neck 13/415 with two capsule options available: Vip capsule and Extra Vip capsule, both made of aluminum and 27 and 42 mm high, respectively.

The Vip bottles are designed with prestige makeup products in mind. The high quality glass and thick bottom will enhance your brand while preserving the formula.

GLASS is the best-friend for the environment and for the cosmetic products. It’s 100% recyclable, inert and protects the formula in a pure, hygienic and safe way.


Our collection of mascara packaging includes a wide variety of brushes to match our Vip glass bottles. The fiber brushes with their PP or POM rods differ from each other in shape to meet your mascara formula’s need.

Which is your favourite?
Contact our team; together, we can choose the right performance for your mascara: lengthening, volumizing, curling… you name it!


Glass allows us to decorate mascara packaging in an infinite ways: varnishing, gradient varnishing, metallization, screen printing, UV screen printing, hot stamping and 3D inkjet are just some of the options we offer.

Choose your finish to personalize your packaging in a truly unique way. The Vip 10 ml bottles in the pictured are decorated with a semi-transparent gradient varnishing and a matte varnishing enriched by a shiny transparent splash effect.

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