Our Foamy packaging collection is getting bigger and bigger!

We are proud to show you the new Foamy 100 ml glass packaging, which we have, here, decorated with a semi-transparent gradient varnishing. The gold collar matches the hot stamping decoration, and the semi-transparent purple cover creates a link with the matte gradient varnishing of the glass bottle.


Born with the launch of the first foamer in glass on the beauty market, the Foamy collection was quickly enriched in both capacities and materials, including now four different packaging: Foamy 100 and 150 ml in glass and Foamy 200 ml available in Biobased HDPE and PCR-PE. All Foamy bottles can be easily refilled with Sashi, our mono-PE flexible packaging available in 250 ml and 500 ml sizes.


At the end of their use cycle, all Foamy packaging components can be easily separated and sorted by material.

Meeting the increasing market demand for sustainable packaging, we also produced Foamy from recycled materials: Foamy 200 ml in Biobased HDPE and in PCR-PE.


Biobased HDPE is a plastic obtained from renewable resources, while PCR-PE is a plastic made from packaging previously used, properly disposed of, recycled into a new product, and put back on the market.

Our PCR-PE, in particular, consists of three layers: the outermost layers are HDPE, while the middle one is PCR-PE.

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