Our company mission has always been to design premium, eye-catching and iconic full packaging solutions with a focus on sustainability.

With this aim in mind, and with an eye on the needs of the luxury market, we have expanded our Euphoria fragrance collection with three new packaging in refillable version with 15/415 screw !

It is the details that make the Euphoria collection unique: the cylindrical conical section, the rounded shoulder, and the thick glass bottom revisit the refined design of classic high-end perfumery in a contemporary way and give this packaging the ability to adapt to different types of brands.

Transparent glasses from the Euphoria Refill collection have been decorated with black screen printing and gold hot stamping, a customization designed to enhance the bulk in an extra flint glass. Sopoy Wood capsules give packaging a natural connotation by giving it character.

The Euphoria 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles with 15/415 screw neck, in combination with the refill set (Neville 200 ml glass bottle with Refill Twist Cap) provide a clean and safe refill experience.


Once the product inside has been used up, these packages can be refilled safely thanks to the mechanism that automatically stops the fragrance dispensing when the correct fill level is reached.

The screw neck also allows the different packaging components to be easily separated and disposed of properly at the end of the product’s use cycle.

Originating with the launch of the first glass foamer in the beauty market, the Foamy collection has rapidlyexpanded in both capacities and materials, now including four different packages: Foamy 100 and 150 ml in glass and Foamy 200 ml, available in Biobased HDPE and PCR -PE. All Foamy bottles can be easily refilled with Sashi, our single-material PE pouch, available in 250 ml and 500 ml sizes.

At the end of their use cycle, all Foamy packaging components can be easily separated and sorted by material.

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