In this color roulette we celebrate the Color of the Year 2022!
Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri, a fun and intriguing shade of blue which unlocks creativity and allows unpredictable colour matches. Characterized by confidence and curiosity, Very Peri is the symbol of the global transition we are going through where our physical and digital worlds are merging into one another as in the upcoming Metaverse. Within the beauty packaging sector, Very Peri radiates a joyful warmth which quickly captures the attention, making it an ideal shade for many applications.


Because of its iconic design and its refill cup, our Miracle Refill 50 mlis a perfect fit for Very Peri’s happiness and free spirit. This high quality glass jar can be customized not only through its cap and glass decorations but also through different colors and finishings of the refill cup. In 2022, this duo definitely won’t go unnoticed!

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