Flexible packaging solutions are the newest addition to our catalog.
Sashi is a mono-material and fully recyclable pouch with a spout, and it is available in both 500 and 250 ml sizes. The pouch, spout, and cap are all made of PE and are perfectly suited to the growing demand for sustainable packaging as they are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Highly customizable, thanks to the size of the printing surface, they will allow your product to stand out even more.


Sashi is the ideal solution to reduce, reuse and refill personal and home care products such as soaps, lotions, sanitizers, detergents, and hair products. In this case, we used Sashi 500 ml to refill our Cylindrical 200 ml glass bottle with hand soap.


Sashi offers a number of sustainability benefits throughout the packaging’s life cycle compared to other packaging formats. These include reducing overall volume and transportation costs, as they are extremely lightweight and compact: you can pack many Sashi in a box without adding extra weight. Choosing this type of packaging is also cost-effective in terms of saving money on production, distribution, and packaging storage.

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