Moon is one of our most beloved fragrance packaging collections. Made of top-quality glass, its unique, exclusive look makes it suitable for unisex fragrances. The oblong section and domed design set Moon apart from all other fragrance bottles in our catalog.

One of Moon’s main strengths is the variety of decoration options available. Here, we applied gold hot stamping matching the accessories.


Originally developed in the 75 ml format, a very niche size, we have since added a 12 ml travel size – a true miniature, perfect both on its own and in fragrance gift sets: an elegant and lightweight alternative to the more classic glass vials that can sometimes seem too bulky.

Moon’s versatile design is suitable for a wide variety of decoration techniques. In particular, the curvature of the front and back surfaces allows creative and textured inkjet or 3D inkjet customizations on both sides. In addition, the groove on its front and back creates a play of interruptions and reflections on the glass, enhancing the packaging and increasing its perceived value. 

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