Our makeup and skincare packaging offerings are expanding all the time! We welcome Interstellar, our newest collection of glass packaging with flocked applicator and full-body design. These packages are made of top quality glass and are perfect for foundations, concealers, illuminants, as well as specific skincare treatments.

The ergonomic design of these packages makes them easy to grip and makes them suitable to carry with you at all times for on-the-go touch-ups, given also their 10, 20 and 30 ml sizes, which are perfect for slipping into your purse.

The angled-cut flocked applicator is flexible and adapts to facial lines, being soft on the skin and suitable for precise application of makeup and skincare products to all areas of the face in the right amount: cheeks, forehead, chin but also specific areas such as around the eyes.

As with all of our glass packaging, the decoration options possible on Interstellar packaging are varied: from the simplest varnishing and screen printing, through hot stamping, to more luxury decors such as 3D Inkjet. Capsule and rod, on the other hand, are made of PP and are available with different finishes.

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