Vip Eyebrow 5 ml is a new entry in the Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries catalog and part of the Makeup in Glass collection. The small brush shapes and colors the eyebrows perfectly thanks to its thin yet solid fibers. They are perfect for combing and fixing unruly eyebrows with a clear serum or acting as a mascara with a tinted formula.


Our Vip 5 ml glass bottle with neck 13/415, combined with the Extra Vip aluminum cap, is the ideal packaging for eyebrow products. This glass bottle not only gives the product a high perceived value but also it is 100% recyclable. Finally, it allowsendless possibilities for decoration. In questo caso sono state realizzate due diverse personalizzazioni per due diversi tipi di formula: la stessa serigrafia marrone è stata eseguita su vetro trasparente e su vetro verniciato nero opaco.


In partnership with leading market players, the Premi Formula team selected two formulas to go with our Vip Eyebrow 5 ml:

  • Bio Brow Fondant is a 95% naturally derived tinted brow fixerwith a smooth and creamy texture. It fills in and sets the brows without flaking or stiffening, thanks to a blend of natural waxes and film-formers.
  • Revitalash is a clear brow serum able to increase its volume, length, and thickness. Its formulation contains specific raw materials indicated for eyebrow care.