Double Glass Refill & Go is our new refillable solution for the extra-premium beauty packaging segment. Its double wall design allows to reuse the glass bottle and to refill it with a new tubular glass ampoule up to 25 times. 

Furthermore, this is also the perfect packaging for travelling, as you can easily take off the refill, put on its safety clip and carry it with you, thus gaining in terms of space and weight.


Available in two sizes, 15 and 30 ml, Double Glass Refill & Go is the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication thanks to its attractive design: a tubular glass ampoule seemingly suspended inside a glass bottle which protects it from the outside while showcasing and enhancing the textures of your beauty formulas at their best.

The innovative refill mechanism designed by our team for Double Glass Refill & Go makes it both premium and sustainable!


Reuse: the outer glass bottle of this collection can be reused. Customers can keep it and refill it with a simple gesture.