Airglass Refill & Go is the brand new collection in our catalog and enriches the already wide variety of sustainable packaging that we have been offering our customers for years.

Reuse, reduce and recycle” continues to be the motto that prompts and motivates us to create packaging solutions, which respect the environment as much as possible: this refillable airless packaging in glass helps to preserve beauty formulas safely, protecting them from contamination, and allows the glass bottles to be reused countless times.


Airglass Refill & Go is available in 15, 30 and 50 ml sizes and with infinite decoration options. In these photos, for example, we have applied acid etching with reserve on the glass that gives a glimpse of the formula in the refill bottle, while the PP accessories have been made in colored master to match the bottle.


With a simple click it is possible to insert in the same glass bottle different refills!
This special feature allows the creation of an entire collection of different products with a single glass bottle, mixing skincare, makeup and haircare formulas.

Airglass Refill & Go, as suggested by its name, is the perfect packaging for when you are traveling, as you can carry only the refill bottles with their pumps and safety clips, thus gaining a space and weight advantage.

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